Olympics threats – a personal note…

I am sad when I hear about fear of traveling, cancellations (loosing opportunities) due to threats from various individual sources and massive information from the media – creating an oversized proportion of biased analysis making headlines.


The security during the Olympics based on our own witnesses in Sochi at the moment are very strict with controls especially on Airports in the main hubs (Moscow, Sochi & St. Petersburg) and elsewhere in the country as well as security controls on all venues, local transportation, vehicle, transport and driver permission and a security force of some 70.000 people in Sochi itself.

The general infra-structure compared with previous games are more protected then ever before as all Olympic Venus are within the accreditation zone (Airport, Costal Cluster and Mountain Cluster which is closed for admissions and spectators only including confirmed and accredited transportation and drivers by both SOCOG and Federal Security). Locally there is no stress or concerns and even the boarder to the neighboring break-out republic Abkhazia is closed.

In addition to a mhockeyassive security from the official Russian side many of the main sponsors have their own security measures set up and as one of the Olympic Board members stated some weeks ago “Sochi will probably be the safest place in the world during the games”. During the following Paralympic Games I believe that any threats to people involved with limited mobility’s would definitely harm any course of actions as it would be condemned by all.

Personally, having our staff and family members at place (as well the responsibilities for our own clients) we do not consider this an extraordinary threat and I feel by avoiding a presence due to threats by anyone posting anonymously messages in any media will accept the facts of success for the threats made. We have done the evaluation that we will support the right of free travel and resistance to threats by sport-management-sochisystematically minimizing the efforts by terrorism threats as publicity victories which I believe (unfortunately) media on the contrary is making an oversized assistance to encourage.

The official information given on the public website of the state departments are no different from other public events of the seize of Olympics according to my view and believe that being in contact with the respective Embassies in Moscow they would be more able to give an unbiased recommendation if considering it an extraordinary risky event or not as they in constant contact with respective International companies  measures going to be present:

Ice Hockey Quarter Final - Day 13 - Russia v CanadaOf course I accept and understand internal decisions and policies but feel it’s important that we all express our personal opinion and views as I am strongly opposing medias way of limiting and sometimes scaring away opportunities of public interest and good cause.

Ola Kastensson


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