Ukraine – why can’t people compromise …?

To create a conflict you only need one part offending another that can’t solve it without discussion through a third part finding a compromise. It’s not about threats, boycotts, suspensions and supporting one or another – it’s about being able to compromise being able to see diplomatic solutions from two sides and find the balance with respect not to depriving the right for millions of people in their country to speak their respective language. Is it only about a bailout of who will finance the billions needed for the nation and an integration or exclusion! Will ever the East and West meet if not with compromises?

Today it’s only about power play and politics – who claims the power, dominance and media influenced from governments like from the old time propaganda and cold war thCAJ9GCM3tactics – why? When I was young I was told to look on a problem from at least two sides but today it’s only a one-side source and from media giants overseas. Be critical!  I am always following news based on CNN, BBC, Russia Today and Al Jassirah in order to get a balanced point of view however, the two latter never seen or quoted in the west…-why?

thCAK2CYU9Have we all been so indoctrinated accepting being a part of a Big Brother role that we don’t need (should not dare) to question? All sides are controlling Social Networks, establishing military interventions, having minority differences, security issues, arresting people not following laws  but it seams like its more correct for one side – but never from another side even if identical (such a hypocrisy). The media is filled with show time reporters without investigation tactics expressing their own points of views (as well as from people of the streets) rather then looking from official, historical or general sources. Entertainment instead of reporting – why are we so naive?

thCA08M2LNWe are all different people with different opinions, religions, mentality the world differences makes us all unique and should be allowed to have different opinions. We have to accept the fact of majority still rules in a democracy (or am I wrong) and to be understanding for minorities with rights in proportions. Why don’t the majority go out for demonstrations – are we to passive? People are not the same all over the world and not sharing the same values – but all are given a choice and should solve their differences between themselves and with people wanting to respect and in the interest of their best instead of by external power play.

Sometimes I am ashamed of being “normal” and probably belonging to a passive majority – but at least I am trying to find out different reasoning looking on political selfish domination demands so obvious from far, far away hoping this planet sometime will learn to live together as different people solving problems instead of creating them….

In politics we choose minority parties and leaders who in the most cases do not represent our ideas and whishes as they build up coalitions – but having said that they always find a compromise (though often resulting in failure to make thCAJGVPSZdecision and without leadership). Well, at least it’s democracy but maybe also the fall of our civilization… In a prefect world we all should be equal but quoting Honoree Balzac “Bureaucracy (Politics of today) is the power of Giants handled by pygmies”… and in our dreams we fulfill the fairytale of Snow White  and the seven dwarfs waiting for the knight on a white horse for our salvation.

Ola Kastensson

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