Will a hotel listen to 51.000 comments?

St. Petersburg, Russia.

Traveling means staying days after days in different hotels all over the world – our home away from home… In today’s world who is not traveling with devices? Communicators, iPads or tablets, phones, cameras and computers. Arriving to the hotel with all our gadgets we stare hysterically at the single electricity circuit hidden behind the TV or sideboard of our beds, even under the writing tables.

“In our business attire we crawl on the floor disconnecting the only source of light in order to install at least one of our business tools (not talking about our companions need for hair dryers)…”
imageSometimes we are rewarded by an empty circuit located near the entrance door located conveniently for the use of the maids vacuum cleaner. We run up – totally confused – in the morning to disconnect the phone alarm (I am tired of learning all different types of alarm provided by the hotels). For a modern couple traveling today a minimum of 6 connections is needed. Why not simply provide to all rooms an extension cable with multi connections – I just can’t understand. For a hotel of 200 rooms with 70% occupancy there are more then 140 people daily with the same problem (in a year 51.000 clients who does not complain)…

For all of over 40 there there is another thing that annoys me. Running to the bathroom every hotel have a special collection branded shampoo, bath gel and conditioners (we all know from the site inspections). When standing as god created me in the shower – I can without my reading glasses clearly identify the brand (or the hotel name) – however to see if it’s shampoo, conditioner or bath gel – I have to get back inside┬áthe room to fetch my glasses – already wet and with complaints from my partner. The next day I better remember the slight different colors of the liquid for the next time…

Chocolate on the pillows is of course a nice tradition – but looking for creativity. A focus group could be in place to show originality or local touch! If every chocolate (using my above example) is 10 grams the hotels are contributing an amount of 511 kg per year

The world changes – but who listens to the small comments that nobody even bothers to mention?

Ola Kastensson

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